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Once in a lifetime

The production Once in a Lifetime has three core values:

Connect the world through music and beauty
Live your dream, don’t dream your life
Build a better future for our children

We want to create a spectacular concert where music, visuals and storytelling come together. Not only for the people in the hall but for everybody in the world. This concert you can join as a listener or as a singer from your own home, being connected with our 360° Live performance set up. You can watch the concert on your computer screen or tablet. If you happen to have a VR set, than you have the best emersive experience of the concert as if you are in Amsterdam. Live as it happens.

Once in a lIfetime reaches out to the choir communities in Europe and the United States. In Europe 37 million people actively sing in choirs In the States 54 million people.


Our marketing strategy has two different roads.

We reach out to all choir associations, private choirs, concert organisations and travel agencies to form the once in a lifetime choir. We use social media and online advertising to create a customer journey for about 10 months using influencer choir members and professional musicians.

Together with the marketing department of Save the Children (STC) we can reach out to people who are interested in classical music and cultural innovation. Both STC and OIAL will reach out to people and companies who are interested in social involvement. The 360° live performance is the latest state of art in streaming technique. This creates news value for radio and perhaps television


Support Once in a lifetime

Once in a lifetime is repeatable and scalable. Together we can start a new tradition of bringing spectacular music, connection and beauty to as many people as possible.

Our sponsor packages offer more than just seats and exposure. We want to connect with you and together develop an annual experience for your organization and customers which makes a difference in the world.

Our sponsor packages also provides in the best VR set at the moment (Oculus Quest 2) and licenses for the.
360° live performance set up.


Interested in supporting Once in a Lifetime?

Please contact us at

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